Food and Beverage Processing

Our platform can be installed in any food or beverage processing plant. All it needs is access to power, wifi/gsm and connection to water runoff or inline piping system. 

Our external and internal filtration system can handle brackish water and requires minimal maintenance. The ability to remotely set the sampling rate and times means that you will always have the water quality data at your fingertips when you need it. 



Irrigation System

Managing water sources for you farming needs can be challenging even without the added stress of worrying about run-off contamination. Our system can warn of pathogen contamination in real-time before the water has been used on your crops, preventing costly recalls and providing you with important water quality information. Connecting our automated platform to your irrigation canal system is easy and only requires accessible wifi/gsm network and power.

Waste Water Processing

Our system makes it possible to detect pathogen blooms, local spikes and contamination in real-time regime. You can see what is happening in your system as it happens with on-demand water sampling capabilities provided by our automated platform. 

Installing our platforms at multiple points in your process gives an added layer of data that can identify sources of contamination, process improvements and treatment protocol optimization opportunities.  


Beaches, Rivers, Reservoirs & More

Any managed water resource ultimately suffers from the same issue, the delay in obtaining the pathogen contamination information limited by the current growth based protocols.

With our systems any water resource can be closely watched and managed  in real-time. You can reduce the health risks associated with bacterial contamination by issuing  closure and watch notices based on real-time data  and manage the issues as soon as they appear.